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Niagara Dual Spray Kitchen Swivel Aerator

I-NIASWVAER-01-XXXX-XXXX-V2 3.4 star rated
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  • Energy Star: No
  • Water Sense: Yes
  • Media Feature: images/Lifestyle_Images/I-NIASWVAER-01-XXXX-XXXX-V1_Lifestyle_1.png
  • Media Feature Markdown: * Dual-thread design means this aerator will fit and easily install on most standard male and female threaded faucets. * Flip pause level to change spray settings. * Rubberized grip for easy adjustment of spray settings as you pull down on the aerator. * It meets ASME standards, is California Energy Commission Certified, and is compliant with California Health and Safety Code 116875 for low lead content.
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  • Brand: Niagara
  • Water Sense: Yes
  • Adjustable Spray: Yes
  • Maximum Flow: 1.5 GPM
  • Manual Trickle Valve: Yes
Model: N3115P-FC
Take control of your water savings with the Niagara Dual Spray Kitchen Swivel Aerator. Change the spray pattern with a quick flip of the finger. Features a 360 degree swivel action for directional spray and convenience. With a patented flow compensator, the dual-spray kitchen swivel aerator delivers a consistent flow regardless of available water pressure. For extra water and monetary savings, make use of the pause valve that reduces water to a trickle while maintaining an even temperature. The finish is chrome, white, and black, as pictured.